Bespoke Mother of the Bride Outfits

Bespoke Mother of the Bride

Bespoke Mother of the Bride Outfits

This year sees the launch of our ‘Just As’ mother of the bride/groom collection.

The collection for mother of the bride and groom has been especially designed for ladies looking for something unique, that will flatter their figure and will fit them perfectly….’just as you are, just as you like’ We are not all a standard shape and high street collections do not reflect this and you run the risk of someone else wearing the same outfit to the wedding and no one wants that!

We decided to launch the collection due the the demand from our brides mother and mother in laws asking us to make something for their daughters and sons weddings.

Sometimes out of desperation because they just couldn’t find anything that was suitable or that fitted them. Some of our ladies have had terrible experiences that have left them close to tear!

There is nothing more special than having something designed and made for you, knowing it will fit you perfectly and that it is unique. And of course you will want to look and feel amazing on this special day.

Our in-house designer Laura from Lola & Em has created a stunning collection of wedding outfits that will compliment everyone’s shape, with tailored slip dresses and jackets. With a nod to the 50’s classic shapes and a hint of Jackie O, simple, elegant and timeless. We have a stunning collection of fabrics to choose from so you can be sure of finding something really special.

How it works

First of all we will book you in for a design consultation to talk about the sort of wedding outfit you are looking for. We encourage you to bring in photos of the style of dress, jacket or coat you want or bring in a favourite dress that you love so we can take inspiration from that. We take your measurements so we can make a toil.  A toil is a fabric pattern of the shape of the outfit, we use this to make sure your finished outfit will fit you perfectly.

The next stage is a fabric consultation, where you get to choose fabrics and trims for your outfit

Then we ask you to come in for a toil fitting, we put you in the toil to check that it fits and then use the toil as a pattern to cut out the fabric you have chosen.

Having something designed and made for you is a work in progress so you will have plenty of opportunity to tweak the design. The next fitting will be to check that your wedding outfit fits you perfectly before the outfit is finished and ready to be collected.

For the finishing touches we can make clutch bags from the same fabric as your wedding outfit, we have a gorgeous collection of bespoke hats and fascinators by Kerry Kernan, shoes by Diane Hassall and The Perfect Bridal Company which can be dyed to match your outfit perfectly.

Our bespoke ‘Just As’ Collection start from £800 for slip dress and short jacket (depending on fabric chosen)

To book your design consultation please call 01789 297788 or email [email protected]