Bridal Branding

Bridal branding – an innovative way to define your wedding day story


Every couple will have talked about the style of wedding they would like, from the venue and colour theme selected, to flowers and stationery design. Usually the type of wedding chosen by a couples defines their personalities and reflects their interests and favourite things. Turning their wedding style and theme into a ‘brand’ is how couples are increasingly sharing their wedding day story.

One of the first things I ask brides-to-be when they come into my boutique to try on wedding gowns is “tell me about your wedding”. This helps me understand their personality and individual style, so I can help them to find a suitable wedding gown.

Bridal branding is everything that gives your wedding day its character and makes it unique to you. By shaping the design of your special day, you are communicating your unique identity and style.

Businesses use branding to reflect the type of services they offer, to stand out from their competitors and engage with their customers. Similarly, couples choose to brand their wedding to mirror their personalities and engage with their guests to help make their day memorable.

Defining your bridal brand often begins with your choice of venue and the time of year you are planning to get married. Coordination is key to personal bridal branding, from your early announcements to the printed mementos people keep long after the event. Boho Bride works with Ampersandesign – an innovative design company – to turn your wedding theme into a distinctive brand; working with you to create beautiful wedding stationery and gifts.

Ampersandesign help you to choose papers and sumptuous print finishes to coordinate with the character of your event. Here are some of the items they can produce to reflect your personal style and bridal brand:

  • ‘save the date’ cards
  • invitations
  • orders of service
  • menus
  • name cards
  • seating plans
  • wedding lists
  • thank you cards
  • monogrammed gifts
  • wedding gifts