Finding “The One”

Finding “The One”

Brides to be often ask me “how will I know when I have found The One”

My response is “you will know because you will feel it”

It’s not always what you look like in a gown, it’s about how it makes you feel that is important too.

Many B2B have an idea of what they want to look like on their big day so they look through magazines, make Pinterest boards of wedding gowns that they like. They will say to their friends “this is the gown I want to wear for my wedding” however the reality is sometimes disappointing.

This is because a wedding gown needs to reflect a brides personality and this is often forgotten or overlooked but it is so important to get right. You can have the most expensive gown in the world made by a top designer but if it doesn’t reflect s brides personality it will never look or feel right.

The key thing when looking for a wedding gown is to be open minded and try on lots of different styles in different fabrics and with different lace and embellishments. 9/10 brides choose something that they said they didn’t want or like because they have a gown in mind but the reality is when they try on that style of gown it doesn’t actually suite them because it’s not reflecting her personality.

Don’t be afraid to ask the assistant if things can be added or taken off. You may well love the gown but you may not want sleeves or you don’t like the embellishments. Most of the time things can be changes to suite you so don’t be put off if you love the dress but it’s not quite right for you.

A good boutique assistant will listen to what you like and don’t like and make suggestions for alterations so the gown is unique to you. She should also be able to see what suites you, what flatters your figure and what hides the bits you don’t like.

Finding “the one” doesn’t mean going on a mammoth quest to go into every bridal boutique in a 50 mile radius because you feel you have to. I can think of many occasions where we are the first boutique they have been into and find “the one” on their first and only visit to a bridal boutique which is a huge compliment to us and a surprise and often a relief to the B2B!!

What is also very important is how the B2B is made to feel when visiting a bridal boutique. I feel very strongly that we have a huge responsibility to make sure all our B2B are made to feel very special and valued. Buying your wedding gown is one of the most important times in a woman’s life so we have to get it right. At Boho Bride our personal consultations is exactly that personal. We only have one bride at a time you can spend as long as you like trying on gowns, we won’t rush you and we never do the big sales push. Just come along have some fun and drink some fizz with your guests.

We wish you luck in your search for “The One” and hope you will pop in and see us soon.