Hot Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

Hot Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

Check out these hot wedding dress trends in bridal fashion for 2023

If you are a bride getting married in 2023 then you have to read this before you start wedding dress shopping.


Hot styles

Boho Wedding Dresses

Are still at the top of the hot trends for 2023. But with a bit of a twist!

The new buzz words are ‘sophisticated boho’ and it’s all down to the lace, which is still bold but more ethereal and less geometric. Silhouettes are still relaxed, so they are easy to wear and less formal.

The boho style is perfect if you are thinking of having an outside wedding in a marquee or tipi, a barn wedding venue or on a beach. They are romantic and floaty, with less structure so it means you can move around more freely.

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Sharp and sleek

With perfect tailoring and minimal embellishments this style is very popular with city brides. Low backs and cowl neckline in sumptuous fabrics they ooze glamour. But we warned, they do tend to show every lump and bump.


Detachable elements and separates

Whether it be a bolero jacket, poncho or a cape, detachable trains and removable sleeves brides are loving the endless possibilities of different looks that can take them from the ceremony to the reception party in the evening.


Bold florals, coloured and 3D lace

More designers and bringing bold florals, coloured and 3D lace into their collections, which is very refreshing. It’s not for everyone but there are plenty of non-traditional brides out there that want to stand out from the crowd. Our Floral Breeze collection has been very popular with our brides.


Sleeves and ruffles

Sleeves seem to be a massive trend, literally! The bigger the better along with ruffles.

I would say 90% of our brides prefer a sleeve and they come in all shapes and sizes, and I love the idea of ones that can be removed for a completely different look. Big bell sleeves, angel wing, puff and bishop sleeves are having a comeback.

Ruffles, with a gypsy vibe are big, harping back to the 70’s hippy style.


Dresses with splits

I have seen a lot of dresses in the new collections with splits, so if you are looking for a bit of a sexy look there are plenty of dresses out there to choose from.


All that glitters

Heavy embroidered lace is out but glitter, sequins and pearls are in.

If you are a bride that wants a bit of sparkle but don’t want to look like a Christmas tree the hot trend at the moment are glitter tulle, sequins and pearls.

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