Boho Bride Claire: Two Dresses for Two Days!

Boho Bride Claire: Two Dresses for Two Days!

Claire came to Boho Bride for our hand-picked collection of designer wedding dresses. While she was here, she found out about our bespoke service. Our incredibly talented late wedding dress designer, Laura, drew up some sketches that Claire instantly fell in love with.

Bespoke wedding dress sketches by Boho Bride Boutique in Stratford Upon Avon

Due to Covid, Claire had a restricted ceremony, but she’s planning a big reception where she’ll wear her bespoke piece. Lynette, the Founder and Creative Director at Boho Bride, loaned Claire her wedding dress for her ceremony.

Loaned wedding dress Stratford Upon Avon

Can you please tell us about the proposal?

The proposal was amazing! It was always a childhood dream of mine to be proposed to at the top of The Empire State Building in New York, with a Tiffany engagement ring, and that’s exactly how it happened!

Rich and I were on our first holiday together, celebrating my birthday. It was 15th June 2017 and we’d planned a meal at The Empire State Building. Once we finished dinner, we went up to the top to look at the skyline. Nobody was there – it was the perfect proposal spot!

He got on one knee and ask me to become his wife! I was so excited!

Boho Bride wedding dress

Tell us about the wedding!

We got married on 1st April 2021, at Stratford Upon Avon registry office. We had a rose gold theme, a brownie stack for our wedding cake and artificial flowers from Etsy.

Our wedding was very restricted, because it was during Covid, so we couldn’t do things like speeches or have a photographer.

We’re having our wedding reception when it is safe to do so, and we’re really looking forward to celebrating properly then.

Covid wedding Stratford Upon Avon

The dress! What dress did you choose?

My dress is still being made by Boho Bride, due to the pandemic it couldn’t be made in time. I chose a bespoke dress which was designed by the beautiful Laura which I will cherish forever!

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How did you choose your gown?

I had a vision of what I wanted and when I tried on almost every dress in Boho Bride, none of them fit my brief perfectly.

But when I explained what I wanted, Laura mentioned that they offered a bespoke dress service, and that she could design the dress that I wanted! I was so happy when I heard this!

After that initial conversation, I went back several times to decide all the details – the colour and material I wanted, etc…

Laura then showed me the deign she had drawn, and I just wanted to cry! It was exactly the dress I’d imagined! I can’t wait to wear my dress for our wedding reception!

Boho bride bespoke wedding dress service stratford Upon Avon

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How do you feel about your dress?

I know when I’m in my dress that Laura designed, I will love it. I’ll always remember Laura and the amazing person she was!

Laura also designed my 30th birthday dress for me.

Bespoke birthday gown

She was the first person I told I was pregnant as I had to let her know how I wanted my dress to fit! Laura was such an amazing person and so talented!

Bespoke birthday dress by Boho Bride

For my wedding day, Lynette loaned me a dress, which I loved and felt very pretty in. I can’t thank Lynette enough for letting me loan that dress from her for my wedding day.

Loan a wedding dress Boho Bride Boutique

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How was your experience shopping at Boho Bride?  

It was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for anything more, everyone is so friendly, and they always have time for you. They listened to everything I wanted and made it come true! Lynette hasn’t got rid of me yet – I think I must have a record for her longest bride!

Wedding dress from Boho Bride Boutique in Stratford Upon Avon

How did your wedding differ from the one you’d initially planned? 

So, we initially planned to get married in Florida! I don’t want to reveal too much as we’re still going, to renew of vows over there because the company wasn’t able to give us a refund!

I fell pregnant and it was identified at our 20 week scan our little girl had a heart defect, so we had to cancel our wedding as we knew she was going to need open heart surgery in the first year of her life, from then, me and rich made the decision we just wanted it be a small wedding ceremony, we tried two times before our wedding day to get married however due to Covid it kept on getting on cancelled but we finally got there in the end.

Covid restrictions weddings UK

What are your most treasured memories from the day?

We’d tried to get married so many times that just getting married was the most important thing! Having our daughter with us made it extra special.

Covid pandemic wedding in UK

List of the dream team

Venue – Stratford Upon Avon registry office

Suits – Burton

Flowers – Etsy

Claire’s Ring – Tiffany

Hair – Claire

Makeup – Claire

Photographer – Claire’s stepdad

Bridesmaids – Next

Wedding stationery – none

Decorations – balloons from Amazon, balloon stand from eBay, Mr and Mrs Dyer sign from Etsy

Dress – Boho Bride Boutique

Accessories – Boho Bride Boutique